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It’s a well known fact that luscious locks can transform anyone’s looks from a Plain Jane to a Sassy Samantha. Check out some of our favorite DIY hair styles that will help you achieve A-Lister beauty… on a budget.

A long, mangled mane need not be a source of annoyance. Style it away from your face with a pair of sexy pigtails:

First, add height to limp locks by teasing the hair in front. Lightly mist each section as you back comb. We like the Fructis brand of hairsprays since you can choose the strength of the hold from Flexible all the way to Extreme. At around $4 per bottle, this spray is a sure steal.

Second, split your hair down the back of your head. Then, take each section and separate into it two pieces.

Third, twist and tie hair in knots like you would with shoelaces. Repeat this until you get to the end. Or, simply do a regular braid for a more put together look. Use a heavy shot of hairspray at the ends to hold the style and you’re ready for school… or a hot night on the town.

Pixie cuts are not for the faint of heart. This particular ‘do is as sweet and simple as it is sophisticated.

Halle Berry: Image from InStyle Magazine

Michelle Williams: Image from InStyle Magazine

While you may need a trim every four to six weeks to keep it at a flattering length, the maintenance of a short mane is minimal. Try Got2Be’s Shine and Define pomade ($6 at Walgreens) – it adds a hint of luster without weighing down delicate strands.

And, we can’t do an exposé on hot hair styles without showing you how to execute our favorite bodacious bun. Taken from the Rodarte fashion show, this stylish little updo takes the cake for being uber-beautiful on a budget:

Images from Glamour Magazine

First off, use Marc Anthony’s Simply Straight Instant Straightening Cream ($7-$8) to gently moisturize strands and prevent flyaways. Then, grab your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Secondly, use some elastic twine (preferably something that sparkles) from a craft store like Michael’s and tie it around your elastic. Then, criss-cross it down and around your ponytail. Secure the twine at the bass.

Finally, wrap everything up it up into a bun and secure the at sides with bobby pins.

Electrify your limp locks with these simple and sophisticated DIY hairstyles, which promise a whole lot of glamour… at just a slice of the price.

Join us next week for more fashion news, tips, and FUMI tools that will change the way you run your world.

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